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Third-party suppliers can create a profile custom to their needs. With this, they can add unlimited searchable data, tags, and products to their profile. As a result, crew members and production teams can search based on their exact needs and connect directly on Sixth Degree. This flexibility allows you to define precisely what your business supplies rather than being pigeonholed into a single category. Likewise, crew members can filter by location to connect with suppliers local to where they are filming, instead of using known suppliers from their base locations. You can also list photos in your profile to showcase your business and what you offer. Finally, productions can tag you in events, whether it's a shoot day, prep, strike, or even a recce. This feature ensures that you can see exactly what's happening and where, along with any changes that might occur due to schedule changes.

Personalised Profiles

Create a profile to showcase your business in the app. Crew members and production teams can search for the exact service they need in the precise location, both in their app and on their dashboard. You can edit your profile at any point and receive messages from prospective clients. Customize your profile to accurately represent your business and everything you offer, showcasing all your products and services, rather than being restricted to one item. Make it visually appealing with images of your products and work.



Communicating with crew members and production teams is easier than ever. When they find your service on the app and reach out to you directly from there, their messages will hit your inbox, ready for anyone from your team to reply. This feature keeps all your messages with a crew member in a single, searchable place, which is easy to access. In addition to this, you can send documents and images via the platform.


Productions can tag you in events, whether it's a shoot day, prep day, or even a recce. With this feature, the event gets added to your calendar, and you can see the details. You can easily accept or reject events based on your availability. If the schedule changes, you'll be notified, eliminating missed deliveries and helping to streamline your business.

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