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Production Dashboard



Sixth Degree is the brainchild of industry-leading professionals. It has been created to make productions more efficient and easier to manage. From a central dashboard, you can easily communicate with your crew members and suppliers. You can create events and tag the relevant people, providing everyone involved with a thread for discussion and freeing up your inbox. In addition to this, you can send out broadcast messages to departments, groups, or even your entire crew. These are delivered by push notification straight to their phones, allowing them to acknowledge, reply, or swipe away as easily as sending a text.

Central Dashboard

From your central calendar, you have two views: the crew calendar and the events schedule. From the crew calendar, you can easily see where your team members are working, whether they are unavailable, or if they have nothing assigned to their day. You can also identify if they are working on an unapproved sixth or seventh day and prevent it. In the events schedule, you can create events, which could range from a shoot day, prep on location, to a production meeting. You can tag crew members in the events, and it will automatically populate their calendar or notify you if they have a conflict. Besides tagging crew members, you can also tag suppliers so they are notified about when and where they are needed, along with all the details pertaining to the job.



Communication is easier than ever with a familiar interface paired with a live, dynamic unit list. You can easily reach out to crew members on your production, or send requests to those not involved in your current project. You can send files, documents, images, and videos directly to a crew member's or supplier's Sixth Degree inbox. These messages will appear as push notifications on their phones, allowing them to easily digest the information and swipe it away. Beyond individuals, you can send broadcast messages to groups, departments, or even your entire crew. Don't worry - this doesn't trigger a chain reaction of conversation.

Find CRew

You can post jobs on Sixth Degree, whether they're for daily tasks or longer contracts. Crew members on the platform can update their availability via the crew app. If they are engaged in a different production, they will be marked as unavailable. With this feature, Sixth Degree can automatically pair you with the crew members you need, accommodating multiple daily tasks or singular roles. Simply review the crew members' profiles and send them a request. If they accept, they will automatically be added to your crew flow for the duration of their contract.


Event Pages

Each event has its own individual page. With everyone involved tagged, it creates a forum for discussion. This feature can be used for anything, from notes from a 15-minute meeting to complex discussions about how a shoot day will be executed. The beauty of this is that it fosters collaboration among crew members without wasting time for those not involved, allowing everyone to focus on exactly what they need to.

Smart Tracking

Sixth Degree doesn't merely help you track where and when your crew members are working. It also enables you to use them in the most efficient way possible. Sixth Degree alerts you when crew members are working unbudgeted days and helps you rearrange your crew to avoid payments for sixth and seventh days. If such payments are unavoidable, Sixth Degree will automatically send them to your designated approver for approval. In addition to saving you money, Sixth Degree is designed to save you an abundance of time.

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