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The brand-new Sixth Degree crew app empowers you to take control of your career like never before. You can list your availability, making it perfect for finding jobs, or letting your production team know when you're unavailable. Your production team can tag you in events, so you'll always know exactly where and when you need to be somewhere. Gone are the days of digging through movement orders or missing meetings. Moreover, you can communicate freely with all crew members on your production, eliminating the need for unit lists, and send message requests to crew members not on your production. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but all the work-related information you'll ever need can be found in the Sixth Degree app. The best part? It's completely free.


Download today, free forever.


You can create a profile to showcase your skills, role, and experience. Write a bio, list your references, and link your IMDB profile. This allows production teams to view your qualifications and reach out about jobs without ever having to ask for a CV.



On Sixth Degree, you can block out days when you're unavailable. This means that any production team using the platform can't assign you any tasks for the times blocked out. This feature is great for holidays, birthdays, doctor's appointments, and any personal commitments, helping you take control of your work-life balance.


You can easily send messages to crew on your production, or suppliers straight from the app. You can even send message requests to crew not on your production. All messages are sent via a push notification to your mobile, simply digest the information and then swipe away. A familiar interface dedicate to work, Sixth Degree has been designed to bring the industry closer than it has ever been before.



Not only can you easily search for crew members, but also for industry-recommended suppliers. This feature is great when you need a unique item for a particular scene, when the industry is busy and your regular supplier can't help, or when you want to refine searches by location while filming at distant locations to help reduce emissions.


Given your availability and profile, our intelligent system can easily match productions with suitable crew members. A production team can search by availability, review your profile, and offer you a job, all with just a few clicks. This offer will be sent to your app, and you can either accept or reject it. If you accept, the job will be added to your calendar and you'll be added to the production's crew flow, ready to go.


100% FREE

The best part of all this is that the crew app is completely free. By working with productions and suppliers, we can ensure that you get the most premium experience at no cost at all. Download the crew app today.

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