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The Six fundamentals of Sixth Degree

Updated: May 31, 2023

Sixth Degree is designed by the Film and TV industry, for the Film and TV industry. Our founders boast a combined 60 years of experience and have collaborated with world-leading app developers to create a platform unlike any our industry has ever seen. Here are the six fundamentals at the core of our business:


Sixth Degree is, at its core, a network for the Film and TV industry. You can add colleagues both on and off your production and reach out to crew members outside your circles.

It doesn't stop there. You can find recommended third-party suppliers familiar with our industry, catering to both common and unique requirements. Refine your search for crew by availability, check their experience, references, past work, and location, and connect directly in the app.

Suppliers are not pigeonholed into one particular service. They can be listed and searched by an unlimited number of keywords, list all their products and services on their profile, and become infinitely searchable. Whether you're a caterer specializing in vegan food or a grip company with a fleet of tracking vehicles, you can list all these services on Sixth Degree and crew members can reach out directly to you in the app.


Coordinating schedules can be challenging. Prep diaries, shoot schedules, meetings, recces - the to-do list can seem endless. With Sixth Degree's intuitive calendar, it's easier than ever for every crew member, from producers to runners, to stay synced and see exactly what their week ahead entails.

Creating an event is as simple as tagging the crew or suppliers you want to involve, and it gets added to their calendar. Any relevant documents or notes can be embedded directly in the event for all tagged members to see. Crew can block out days they're unavailable, ensuring they're not booked when they can't work. Sixth Degree even flags sixth and seventh days to the relevant approvers, helping prevent unexpected costs throughout production.

When schedules change, moving the event to a different date notifies everyone, from crew to suppliers. You can also export crew lists, giving accounts, production, and assistant directors the back pages for each day without the need for manual compilation.


With Sixth Degree, communicating with crew and suppliers is more straightforward than ever. Once a crew member is added to your production, they appear on your live dynamic unit list. Other production members can find the appropriate crew member and message them directly in the app.

All messages are searchable, making it easy to pull up historic conversations. Productions can send messages to all crew members, single departments, or groups, ending the clutter of memos in inboxes. Messages appear as push notifications, which can be swiped away once read.


Our smart search allows you to refine searches for crew or suppliers by location, helping you find exactly what you need locally. This reduces needless emissions, travel, and high delivery and collection costs.

Embedding documents in events makes them easy to find and eliminates the need for printouts. Crew and suppliers only get access to documents for events in which they're tagged, ensuring top-of-the-line security and relevance.


Time is money, and Sixth Degree is designed to save both. Developed in partnership with world-class app developers and industry veterans, Sixth Degree streamlines every facet of your workflow, making crew sourcing, communication, and organization simple.

By communicating the right amount of information effectively, Sixth Degree not only provides joy in use, but also saves countless hours on mundane tasks. We provide concrete facts to

show your savings, help curb unapproved sixth and seventh days, and reduce delivery costs.


The industry has long called for more inclusivity and diversity. With Sixth Degree, you finally have the platform to make this a reality. Instead of sourcing crew exclusively from personal networks, we're bringing the entire industry closer together. We're providing newcomers with opportunities and a platform to be considered for roles they could only dream of.

With the industry growing rapidly, it's crucial that we bring as many new entrants into the industry as possible, nurture them at the grassroots level, and allow them to grow and learn. The world is consuming content like never before, and we need to produce it faster than ever. The BFI anticipates that by 2025, an additional 40,000 crew members will be needed, on top of the existing 80,000, to meet market demands.

Sixth Degree aims to create a simple-to-use, unified platform where we can all work, communicate, and create. We plan to launch on 5th June 2023. If you have any questions, please reach out to or head over to to book a demo.

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