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Sixth Degree - April Update

We have now pushed live our April update for Sixth Degree, you can download this on both the App Store and Google Play, and start using the great new features today, along with other minor improvements to the app, Sixth Degree now includes :

  1. Incognito Mode - We understand that not everybody wants to be on a public network, especially in our industry, now you can slip your profile into incognito mode. These erases all public traces of you off of Sixth Degree, but allows to continue to use the platform. You will still be visible to anyone on your active productions, use the calendar tool, message whomever you like, and find crew. Just nobody outside your production will be able to see you. Protecting your data, and inbox should you wish.

  2. Google Calendar Sync - You can now sync your Google Calendar and Sixth Degree account, this allows you to be notified about events, and never miss a beat. If an event is updated in Sixth Degree, it will automatically be updated in your Google calendar too

  3. Biometric Login - Making your account more secure than ever, we have added biometric login, whether it is FaceID, or Fingerprint, login to Sixth Degree quickly easily and securely.



Using the new crew groups you will be able to speed up the way in which you use Sixth Degree, whether it is tagging a group in an event for a recce rather than individually, sending a message to a group to deliver an instant push notification, or sharing a file. All will be able to be done in a couple of clicks to exactly the right crew.

Flat Days

Sometimes your crew might not have events, meetings or shoot, they are just doing what they do best. Introducing the flat day toggle, simply flip the switch and your crew will be marked as working. This will mark them as unavailable to other productions, and log them if they work a sixth or seventh day.

Back Pages

Maybe the most hotly requested feature, coming soon. Back Pages. Your productions Back Pages will be automatically compiled with the data from your crew schedule, from this we will be able to assess if crew are working the correct hours, highlight overtime before it occurs and help identify how it could be avoided. You can filter by day type so whether it is a shoot day, prep day, or strike, department, or even by overtime.

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