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May Update - Back Pages, Crew Groups, and More...

Another exciting update from Sixth Degree, as always, our biggest update to date...


Crew Groups

a hotly anticipated feature, you can now make groups with your crew, making it easier than ever to send a broadcast on set, add teams into events, distribute files, and more. You can work on groups privately and then publish them to production for everyone to use. You are not limited to how many groups you can have, meaning you can have a group just for a recce, all the way up to your entire shooting crew.


Back Pages

With the new PACT // BECTU agreement in full swing, we are seeing Back Pages used on productions more and more, to help curtail overtime and keep crew safe. There is a new section on Sixth Degree which automatically compiles your back pages for you it draws information from the crew calendar and you can see at a glance hours projected to be working vs contracted hours. UPMs and LPs can see at a glance what needs attention and make any changes necessary to ensure your budget is kept in tact and crew are kept safe.


Flat Day Toggle

It might be that an Art Director is simply spending the day draughting a set, or a first AD is working on the schedule, or even the production team are just in the office. We know these days happen and don't always warrant an event. You can now flick your crew on to be working just a flat day. This updates your crews availability and lets them know they are in for the day. Perfect for longer contracts and office based crew.


Supplier Messaging

It has been a tough year for many, incuding the industries thousands of suppliers. So we want to help them out, remember, Sixth Degree is only possible to be completely free for productions thanks to their continued amazing support. Suppliers can now message crew and other suppliers. To ensure you aren't being inundated with messages there is a fair usage policy on this. Suppliers can message 10 x crew members per month, so if you do get a message, it is because they think you are amazing and would love to work with you.

Whats Next

With even more on the horizon, hear it here first. In our next big update, we will be tackling a couple of requests from you all, static time input, so you can assign your crews working day outside of an event or flat day. Night working, beleive it or not one of the trickier things to relay in development, a big undertaking. And drumroll please..... A scheduling wizard, allowing you to input your one line extremely quickly, drag and drop around once inputted, and also define prep and strike, automatically populating your calendar with the right events for any given set or location, allowing depts to communicate like never before.

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