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We know you are all excited to use Sixth Degree, create your accounts, and start managing your teams. We have some exciting news: while building the entire platform, we have been working hard in tandem with our development team to prepare new features we want to bring to Sixth Degree.

One exciting feature we have developed is Events, and we think it's way too cool not to be a part of Sixth Degree at launch. In addition to your team calendar, you will also have an event calendar, which will give you the opportunity to auto-populate your entire crew's diaries.

By creating an event, you can tag the crew you want to participate, and it will automatically get added to their schedule. This can be anything from a shoot day to a production meeting, cost report, or vision meeting. It gives you a more precise way to manage everyone's diaries and avoid any conflicts.

In addition to this, you can list all the day's info on the event: general, or unique timings for the crew, the exact address, and even meeting links. This makes it a one-stop-shop for all crew. These events can be fluid, just like your schedule, meaning moving a shoot day can be done in 3 clicks and updated across your entire crew's apps instantly.

But that's not all! Crew members and tagged suppliers can comment on each event, creating a forum for each individual shoot day, meeting, and occurrence. This lets exactly the right people get all the information they need, no more, no less. It makes production more efficient than ever: caterers can review numbers on a given day, equipment companies can see what equipment is needed where and when, and crew can see exactly what is expected of them on the day. You can attach images, files, risk assessments, all in the events' notes section.

Gone are the prep diaries, digging out the one line for a glimpse of information, late-night texts. Events with Sixth Degree are coming to a production near you very soon. Reach out if you want to know more or see a demo of the platform.

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