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Getting noticed on Sixth Degree

With the industry pulling itself back up we have seen a huge increase in traffic to Sixth Degree, not only in people signing up, but also productions looking for crew. We thought it would be useful to give you some tips for getting recognised on Sixth Degree.

  • Be honest - The whole point behind Sixth Degree is to try and reduce time a resources spent searching for crew by production, HODs, Supervisors and more. This dream can only become a reality if you list what roles you can fulfil. We will only give your an account the golden verification tick if your profile matches your IMDb or you are listed in entry level positions.

  • One dept is best - whilst we appreciate there is crossover between some depts, listing yourself as working in 5 different departments is unbelievable and your profile may be overlooked. It is not a numbers game getting into the Film and TV industry.

  • Add a photo - it does not have to be a professional portrait, it does not have to be beautiful, but people like to put a face to the name. We have noticed crew with photos on their profiles get more traffic than those without.

  • Turn on push notifications - We do not bombard you, the only time you get notifications is when you are offered a job, get a message, or you current production has a memo for you or updates your calendar.

  • Add a bio - doesn't have to be lengthy, just give 2 quick sentences about your experience in the industry.

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